Friday, 24 April 2015

Statue of Liberty by Margaret Bobb


  • The Statue of LIberty has been on my bucket list for over 25 years...FINALLY!--my dream came true in May, 2011.

    Liberty Glows

  • Wait Why Have You Turned Your Back On Me

  • The America we live in today is not the same America where I grew up...the location is the same, but not much else is the same. I still love my country, but I hate what some of the leaders across the political and justice systems have done. I believe that dark clouds truly are on the horizon for us unless we humble ourselves before Almighty God and fall to our knees in prayer.

    Dacono, CO - United States

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    1. Geordie, what a great pictorial blog on the Statue of Liberty--I really, really enjoyed seeing everyone's work.